Saturday, March 9, 2013

NZ Summer...Hot Hot Hot!

NZ Extreme Race series Champs, Sean Curtis (Junior),
Kenny Mutton (Mens) - Missing, and Lu Urwin (Womens)

Yet another NZ summer flies by!  

After a sick Fall bouncing around North America; Ottawa, Gauley Fest WV, BC, Moose Fest NY, and the Green Race NC followed up by Chile & Argentina and the Epic Whitewater Grand Prix, it was nice to be home. 

I think we’ve had two days of rain since I got back in late December, which makes for super tight water usage from our rainwater tanks, drought conditions and very limited kayaking.  However, we’ve made up for it with good swells for lots of surfing, SUPing, mountain biking, river swimming and general shenanigans.  I’ve even dabbled in slalom and freestylin to keep the low kaituna river interesting.  With a tight community there’s never a dull moment in Okere Falls however.

It’s still been a great summer for kayak races and other events, probably the most events we’ve ever had in NZ.  With the NZ Extreme race series going on and the addition of the Hawea whitewater course (finally we have a half decent playboating feature in NZ!), there have been plenty of occasions for the whitewater community to converge and competition has been tough and a lot of fun.

It’s been pretty successful for me, I feel like I’m boating better than ever and was stoked to finally win the Wairoa extreme race after years of screwing up the final and coming second, and also took out the Womens NZ extreme race series title.

I’m about to begin 6 weeks of intense kayak instruction before it gets too cold in NZ and is time to leave again.  Next stop…Hood River and the Little White Salmon, base camp for the spring and a bit of a North American tour and some races.  Followed by summer at the Ottawa….good times!

See you all out there!!!

Lu :)

Kenny Mutton & Carl Whitehead battling hard right before the finish line at the Wairoa X race.

Lu, Jamie & Andi scoping the lines at the Wairoa X-race

Lu vs Brenna, Wairoa x-race

Kenny gets surfed, tyler knocks him out with a back loop, Wairoa X-race mens final.

Lulu nailing the toaster line, Wairoa X-race

Tyler Fox squirting to the finish, Wairoa X-race
Wairoa X-race Mens Champs, Kenny Mutton, Jamie Sutton, Tyler Fox (Also top 3 overall mens for the series)
Wairoa X-race Womens Champs, Lu, Toni & Luuka

Kate, Elsy & Lu, ladies Mountain Bike Mish.
Buller Fest X-race, Lu & Kim

Just another day in Paradise - Wine & Cheese after an evening surf at Newdicks beach
Rocking out with Coke and Charles' Band at Bliss-Stick!

Tits Deep...the Creation - vid

"We aim to build confidence in female's own ability, convincing them to move away from the stereotypical, timid image of what a woman should and shouldn't do, pushing them to test themselves to new levels."

Katrina Van Wijk has just released the first edit of 'TiTS DEEP', with our North American Travels in the Fall.  It's been a blast traveling and boating with Katrina and Lulu, being a part of the creation of Tits Deep and running the shit with the ladies....stay tuned for episode two - Chile / Argentina.

The Creation of TiTS DEEP from Airborn Athletics on Vimeo.

Women of the Whitewater Grand Prix - vid

Erin Galey has done it again, an amazing edit of the Girls Killing it at the WWGP.  Sooo STOKED to be a part of this event, Chile was epic, sick whitewater with great athletes, killing it!  Super fired up to share this edit and see the rest of what is to come.

Big thanks to all the Women of the WWGP; Nouria, Martina, Katrina, Natalie, Lulu, Nicole...and Erin... I love you all and can't wait to boat with you again soon!

Women of the 2012 Whitewater Grand Prix from Tribe Rider on Vimeo.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Rio Fuy, Chile... quick vid.

Sweet edit by Fidel Moreno of our time on the Rio Fuy, Chile.   
Such a fun run, super clean drops and bluebird days with Katrina, lulu, Fidel, Mirko, & Beth.

Rio Fuy from Fidel Moreno on Vimeo.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012

Green Race 2013

LU - training on Gorilla
(photo by Mike Dawson)

Well the Green River community really is something special.  Their passion for this river has even influenced the creation of the new-age “long boat” of which I am stoked to be a proud new owner of.  Admittedly I was a bit nervous before my first run down the narrows and first time in a long boat but it proved to be a great time, the long boat was different but super fun to paddle…I’m hooked!

I headed to Asheville a couple weeks before the race so I could get to know this stacked section of river and I am totally in love with the area and community.  It was an endless stream of boating, dinner parties, hikes, and other activities, we even hit up ‘Dollywood’ Dolly Partons rollercoaster theme park.  Such a fun couple of weeks and was great catching up with old and meeting lots of new friends.

I only had one major upset in training, I broke my paddle on the flying squirrel, rolled up, paddled the notch with one blade and a stumpy shaft (should have dropped the other half), rolled in the eddy line and managed to just hand roll up before the lip and go over gorilla forwards and upright before getting surfed in speed trap, hand rolled up again once but the outcome was a swim into the eddy unscathed… well that could have been much worse, especially after Lulu breaking her scapula on Gorilla the week before.

The race was definitely challenging as I only really figured out the lines on race day, and even that was confusing as a boat got pinned in ‘go left’ so we had to run right which I hadn’t done before.  Good times though, I didn’t get lost or crash, got third and I’m looking forward to next year when I’ll have a head start on learning the lines so can pick up the pace….Adrienne & Katrina will be tough to beat though.

Big thanks to Shane Benedict, Pat Keller and everyone else who showed us such amazing hospitality down there, can’t wait to hang out again next year!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Moose Fest 2012

Moose Fest is always a blast, great weekend catching up with the paddling community on a fun river that always entertains as the masses pour down.  Thanks for the good times everyone!

LU Moosefest race - Crystal rapid
(photo by Scott Martin Photography)
The ladies 4-way on fowlersville falls...LU, Brenna, Michelle & Katie.